Catherine Horwood

Catherine Horwood is a social historian with a passion for plants and gardens. Her book, Gardening Women: Their Stories from 1600 to the Present (Virago, 2010) was enthusiastically received. "Horwood strikes gold," said the Guardian. "Packed with lovely detail and quirky stories," wrote the Mail on Sunday. "Gardening Women is rich, full and lasting. Neither gardens nor women will seem quite the same again," said The Times. The American edition appeared shortly after under the title Women and Their Gardens: A History from the Elizabethan Era to Today (Ball Publishing, Chicago). Catherine Horwood’s other books include Rose (Reaktion, 2018), Potted History: The Story of Plants and the Home (Frances Lincoln, 2007) and Keeping Up Appearances: Fashion and Class Between the Wars (Sutton, 2005). She has also written for newspapers and magazines including The TimesDaily MailGardens Illustrated and The English Garden. Her blog,, has a worldwide following.

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Potted History

How Houseplants Took Over Our Homes

The houseplant is undergoing a renaissance in popularity - this revised and updated edition of Catherine Horwood's fascinating history will delight lovers of indoor plants

Beth Chatto

A life with plants

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