Freestyle Embroidery on Wool

Freestyle Embroidery on Wool

How to create your own embroidered wool appliqué designs

Learn how to kickstart your creativity and become confident at making your own colourful and expressive designs using appliqué and embroidery on felted wool fabric

In Freestyle Embroidery on Wool you will learn how to kickstart your creativity and become confident at making your own colourful and expressive designs using appliqué and embroidery on felted wool fabric.

Using her own detailed and imaginative embroidery as examples Karin Derland teaches you how to go about creating your own designs using appliqué and embroidery on wool felt. Karin shares plenty of instruction and helpful tips on making colour choices, how to apply ribbons, mirrors and other accessories, making and using cardboard templates for appliqué shapes and how to combine different types of threads and stitches for best effect.

Sketches, diagrams and detailed photographs of different types of embroidered pillows, cushions, cases and other items will give you a head start on creating and applying your own designs.

The book also offers plenty of inspirational images through Karin's colourful embroidery that draws on both the Swedish and Indian traditions. These can be used as an inspirational library of ideas when creating your own work. How simple or complex a piece becomes is up to you and your own level of experience and personal choice.

Although the emphasis is on developing your own expressive embroidery, some step-by-step projects are included to help build confidence before launching out on your own.

This is wool appliqué embroidery at its best - free, beautiful and generous.

A note on materials: The author recommends using kläde and vadmal, which are both types of Swedish 100% wool fabric of varying weight. They are made from woven fabric that has an even surface and processed so there is no visible weave. A good equivalent in the UK is a felted wool fabric such as Melton wool. Hobby felt containing polyester is not suitable.

Karin Derland is a passionate embroiderer who has taken freestyle embroidery on wool to new heights. She is self-taught and has experimented and learned from her own experiences. Her studies at various art schools in drawing, painting, sculpture and graphics, as well as her work with layouts and printing has trained her eye in colour, form and composition. She gains her inspiration both from Swedish and Indian traditions. Karin has over 5500 followers on instagram (@karin_derland).



Part 1

Before we get going




How to start?

Compose a pattern

Cardboard templates

Some advice on colour

Part 2

Watch and learn

Basic stitches

Embroidery nr 1-5

Application technique

Embroidery nr 6-7

Edging stitches

Embroidery nr 8-9

Part 3

Step-by-Step Embroidery


Storage cases

Hanging creations

Pillow with a patterned band

Make a sewing frame

When the embordiery is finished

Where to buy


"There's never been a better time to take up a craft...And now here's all the inspiration you need. This new book is packed with gorgeously detailed and imaginative embroidery, then shows how to go about creating your own designs using applique and embroidery on wool felt...Includes step-by step projects to build up your confidence before launching your own designs to create personalised works of art. We are sure William Morris would have approved."

The William Morris Society magazine

"Packed with inspiration and guidance and a few step-by-step projects to get you started and build your confidence."

Simply Sewing

"If you have more than a passing interest in embroidery, then this book is for you."

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The Pimpernel Press Ltd
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225 x 180
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Jun 25, 2020
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