Osbert Lancaster's Cartoons, Columns and Curlicues

Osbert Lancaster's Cartoons, Columns and Curlicues

Including Pillar to Post, Homes Sweet Homes and Drayneflete Revealed

Illustrated throughout with the author's own black and white line drawings and diagrams

This beautiful boxed-set contains three long out-of-print and influential books by the great British humourist, Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986) - Pillar to Post, the story of architecture through the ages, first published in 1938 and described by Gavin Stamp as 'One of the most influential books on architecture ever published'; Homes Sweet Homes, a history of architectural interiors and a sequel to Pillar to Post, was first published in 1939, and Drayneflete Revealed, first published in 1948, which traces the development of one particularly typical (invented) English town.

Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908–1986) was a painter, a writer, a cartoonist, a theatre designer, an authority on architecture and design, and above all a great British humorist. His pocket cartoons depicting the aristocratic Maudie Littlehampton, her family and friends, which appeared in the Daily Express for forty years, recorded in his inimitably English way the life, news and opinions of the period. His books on architecture and design were as witty as they were authoritative: in them he depicted buildings and interiors with an unerring instinct for the minutiae of stylistic change and recreated with irrepressible humour the way of life of the original inhabitants.

"Pillar to Post and Homes Sweet Homes, the first two of these reprinted volumes, were described by Ernst Gombrich as comprising 'the best textbooks of architecture ever published'....The books are as Gombrich described them, an introductory course of laconic brilliance."

London Review of Books Rosemary Hill

“Reprinted in a delightful three-volume boxed set….a very happy Christmas present for anyone who doesn’t yet possess these corkers”

Evening Standard

"Osbert Lancaster's humorous and influential books on British architecture and interior design reissued by Pimpernel Press. Although his books are period pieces we can learn lessons from them still. We owe Osbert Lancaster a lot."

Financial Times

"Lancaster's delightfully sardonic spoof architectural histories are handsomely republished by the Pimpernel Press."


“First order of merit goes to the Pimpernel Press, which has saved from obscurity three of the cartoonist Osbert Lancaster’s brilliant satires. These erudite spoofs are collected in a handsome box.”


“a welcome retort to po-faced modern architectural writing and as sharp as vinaigrette. Long overdue.”

Evening Standard Books of the Year 2015 Philippa Stockley

"Osbert Lancaster is now forgotten or ignored as most architectural commentary adopts noisy radical ‘positions’. Three facsimile volumes of his gentle, witty, erudite illustrated commentaries have been re-issued in a slip-case as Cartoons, Columns and Curlicues (Pimpernel Press, £40).Pillar to Post (1938), Homes Sweet Homes (1939), and Drayneflete Revealed (1948) reveal an engaged, eclectic, humorous mind a world away from the tantrums of Zaha or the annoying angles of Koolhaas. Delicious."

Spectator Books of the Year 2015 Stephen Bayley

“Pillar to Post … now handsomely reissued with two other comic masterpieces of architectural satire … brilliantly witty draughtsmanship.”

World of Interiors

"The set occupies less space than the average architectural monograph, but contains pretty much everything you need to know about architecture."

RIBA Journal

"A welcome chance to reappraise the genius of Osbert Lancaster in a boxed set of his three brilliant illustrated works of social and architectural satire. Lancaster's comic panagyric to human achievement and folly in equal measure is an inspiring work that balances wit with intense social acuity."

Journal of the London Society

'Masterpieces of comic erudition....If you don't already know these books, you have a treat awaiting you. They sum up our architectural inheritance in a hugely entertaining and quite inimitable way.'

Fiona MacCarthy
The Pimpernel Press Ltd
The Pimpernel Press Ltd
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Oct 15, 2015
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