Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries

A celebration of the hugely popular Petersham Nurseries

Lying nine miles or so southwest of London between Richmond and Ham, Petersham is a place apart. There’s no high street as such and, though there are a good number of historic houses and a charming, if somewhat hidden, 18th century village lock-up, none are open to the public. By car, it would be easy to miss it entirely...

This is Petersham Nurseries and this is its story.

Over 20 years ago, Francesco and Gael Boglione decided to buy Petersham Nurseries, a small plant nursery behind their home, never thinking that it would go on to shape their lives in the most joyful and extraordinary ways. This book charts that journey, incorporating stories of the couple's pasts - from Francesco's travels in Afghanistan, India and Nepal to Gael's career as a model - and illuminating how the nurseries developed in line with their commitment to nature, integrity and family.

Combining the story of the Boglione family in their own words with stunning colour photographs, archive photography, sketches of the changing seasons, recipes and styling tips, this is an evocative and inspiring portrait of one of the most unique businesses in the UK today.

Petersham Nurseries describes itself as a place of beauty, an emporium of goods, a celebration of the seasons. It is all these things and more: somewhere to meet friends, to escape from city life and to reconnect with nature. It is also unmistakeably a family business, shaped by the creativity, character and passions of owners Francesco and Gael Boglione and their four children - a hotbed of energy and ideas that delights in, rather than preaches, a shared dedication to the environment and positive living.

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330 x 260
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May 20, 2021
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