Posh Dogs

Posh Dogs

Photographs by Country Life Magazine

Showcases posh dogs of all shapes and sizes, featuring them at home, at work and having fun in the timeless beauty of the British countryside

Dogs have been at the heart of Country Life magazine ever since it was first published in 1897. The very first issue on January 8 featured the Princess of Wales with her borzoi, Alex. The second issue, a week later, went behind the scenes of the Prince of Wales’s kennels. Since then every type, from working dogs to pampered pets and champion pedigrees to mixed breeds have been included. There is no doubt that dogs, whatever shape or size, are at the heart of British country life.

Posh Dogs features a selection of canines that have graced the pages of Country Life magazine from those early years to the present day. They have been chosen to select different facets of country life and whether ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ they are all equal in their owner’s eyes.  Posh Dogs celebrates dogs in their element amidst the timeless beauty of the British countryside.

The dogs of Downton Abbey garnered as many fans as the cast. The dogs featured in Posh Dogs are the real life incarnations of the Earl of Grantham's beloved labrador and all the other dogs of Downton.

This is a must-have gift book for all dog lovers.

"New book Posh Dogs gives a round of a-paws to our canine friends . . . featuring every dog from wolfhounds to dachshunds, workers to lapdogs, puppies to pensioners, champions to crossbreeds, in all shapes and sizes, at home, at work, and having fun in the beautiful British countryside."

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The Pimpernel Press Ltd
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Oct 6, 2016
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