Pure Style in the Garden

Pure Style in the Garden

Creating An Outdoor Haven

Turn your outdoor space into a beautiful retreat (and bring some beauty indoors)

Increasingly, outdoor spaces are becoming our haven – somewhere to breathe again, heighten our senses and escape  the onslaught of noise, clutter and technology. This book offers ideas and inspiration for making the most of any outdoor space we might have – whether it is a garden, a patio, balcony, or even just a window box – and for bringing touches of nature indoors for mindful enjoyment.

Bestselling author Jane Cumberbatch's 'Pure Style' philosophy is all about making the most of what’s around you and finding beauty in the simple and everyday as an achievable alternative to the stressful demands of consumer society. In this book, which was put together over the course of 2020, she draws on the inspiration of her own home and garden to supply ideas for life-affirming colour, scent and texture, and to show how even the most unpromising outdoor space can be a source of sensuous renewal.

Viewing the garden as an extension of the home, and with ideas for all seasons, this beautiful and inspiring book is illustrated with glorious photographs and enchanting paintings by the author herself.

A book for dipping into or enjoying as one long read, or both.

Jane Cumberbatch is a designer, stylist and writer, and the originator of the philosophy 'Pure Style', which emphasizes simplicity, thrift and longevity. She has worked as decorating editor for House and Garden magazine, Elle Decoration and the Sunday Telegraph magazine. She is the author of many books, including Pure Style (Rylands, Peters and Small, 1996), Pure Colour (Pavilion, 2015) and the cookbook Pure Style: Recipes for Every Day (Pavilion, 2011). Her south London home is frequently used for location shoots for magazines and TV.

The garden is a place to be as much as a place to grow things in.

The time for planning and dreaming. And what to do in winter.

First shoots. What to do in spring.

Summer of colour and scent. What to do in summer.

Long shadows and vivid plants. What to do in autumn.

Glossary, sources of inspiration, places to go, index, acknowledgements

"With the health benefits of gardens and gardening becoming more widely accepted over the last troubled months, this is just the book for our time...she packs in information, with practical gardening tips such as hints on the thorny subject of rose pruning, imaginatively simple recipes for home-grown produce, and suggestions for home decorations that bring the outside indoors."

The Garden Vanessa Berridge

 "A moment of joy in a difficult world."

The Blackberry Garden - blog

"A gorgeous celebration of gardening and growing. Jane Cumberbatch manages to convey the joy - the very essence - of gardening."

Reclaim magazine

"An evocative garden diary studded with nuggets of helpful information."

The English Garden

"Part diary, part notebook, part recipe book and part photo album, reading the four seasonal chapters is like going to stay with someone and gradually finding out the story of their garden and what makes it so special."

Waitrose Weekend

"The rich tapestry of garden journaling, horticultural advice, nature-inspired recipes and home-styling tips, illustrated with photographs and Jane's own paintings...will strike a chord with those of us who turned to gardening, journaling, art or cooking as therapy during uncertain times."

Gardens Illustrated

"A study in understated but elegant style."

The Gloss Magazine

"Muted colours, natural textures, and vintage touches have all been a part of interior designer Jane Cumberbatch’s ‘Pure Style’ philosophy and in this book she addresses the outdoor spaces which are our retreats. Expect simple, stylish ideas on how to use plants and accessories to achieve ‘Pure Style’ and ultimately furnish a garden like a room. Whatever its size, a garden can be a source of visual and mindful pleasure all year round."


"I love books you can dip into over a cup of coffee and find a snippet of information or an idea and Pure Style in the Garden is just that...richly illustrated and very much a visual notebook with excellent photographs and the added bonus of Jane’s own paintings."

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Aug 12, 2021
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