The Gardener's Book of Colour

The Gardener's Book of Colour

"At the top of the heap of gardening glitterati, Andrew Lawson has produced a book that combines all his talents: it gives you this Renaissance man as painter, photographer, writer and gardener . . . You need this book." - Country Living

A revised and updated edition of Andrew Lawson’s classic work

Andrew Lawson has an artist’s eye, a scientist’s training and long experience as both a gardener and a photographer of gardens. In this book he calls on all his skills and practical knowledge to illuminate the complex subject of using colour in the garden and to demonstrate the extraordinary power of colour to change the sense of space, to suggest coolness or warmth and to evoke different moods.

The Gardener’s Book of Colour shows how to put colours together in garden beds, borders and containers, explaining how to construct harmonizing and contrasting schemes and exuberant displays of mixed colour. All the major schemes are supported by keyline drawings giving full planting details. In addition, illustrated plant directories, arranged by colour and flowering season, provide cultivation details for over 850 plants, enabling you to assemble the right plants for your chosen scheme and to carry that scheme through the year.

Authoritative and accessible, The Gardener’s Book of Colour will stimulate your imagination and put exciting new ideas within your grasp. Whether you want an instant splash of brilliant seasonal colour or a sumptuous border with subtle year-round appeal, this book will show you how to achieve it.

Andrew Lawson is one of the world’s leading garden photographers, a painter, a passionate and knowledgeable gardener and an engaging garden writer. He is the author of six successful books including Plants for All Seasons (Frances Lincoln, 1992). In 1993 he was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal for Photographers.

"A reprint of an old favourite, my original copy is dog-eared and tattered with love. Whenever I am puzzling about where to fit a plant in the garden or design a scheme, this sourcebook proves invaluable with plants categorised by colour and images featuring various combinations of hues."

Image magazine

"thoroughly revised and updated....spectacularly illuminating illustrations, the book sets out above all to help you find both what individual colours and what combinations work best for you throughout the year. In short, invaluable."

Evening Standard Best Gardening Books of 2015 David Sexton

'The Gardener's Book of Colour is a classic, written 20 yeras ago, re-released in a different format. This is a much more compact book, one with a life away from the coffee table, one that can be carried and read and referred to. Basic understanding of an essential tool, which makes Lawson's book as relevant as ever.'

Sunday Telegraph

'Whatever the size of your garden, there is inspiring advice to be had from the definitive work on the subject. The photographs in this hugely helpful book are superb.....There's no likelihood of failures in planning if you absorb the lessons of this impressive book, and it is as delightful in its minor suggestions as it is persuasive on the loftier issues...Authoritative and reader-friendly, this is an essential book for the gardener's library.'

The Lady

'This excellent book tells you all you need to know about brightening up your garden. "Colour is the most potent weapon in a gardener’s armoury," says Lawson in this revised and updated edition of his authoritative guide, which offers helpful tips and stunning photographs to show how to keep the colour interest alive in every season.'

Daily Mail

'As well thought out and thorough as it is possible such a book to be ... but of course, it is the big photographs in the book that make it special. And not just because some of them are captivatingly beautiful, but because they are all organically related to the text.'

The Oldie

‘At the top of the heap of gardening glitterati, Andrew Lawson has produced a book that combines all his talents: it gives you this Renaissance man as painter, photographer, writer and gardener . . . You need this book.’

Country Living

'He talks with reassuring simplicity on such basic yet essential matters as light saturation, tones and colour distribution, so that newcomers to gardening, as well as old hands, will find themselves understanding the huge and potentially complex subject of colour in the garden. This is a constructive book, and beautiful, too.'


‘The word “definitive” makes me nervous, but once you have The Gardener’s Book of Colour, I should be surprised if you ever needed another book on the subject.’

Sunday Telegraph Ursula Buchan
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May 21, 2015
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