The Indoor Garden

The Indoor Garden

Get Started No Matter How Small Your Space

The winner of the 2021 ‘My Chelsea Garden’ Judges' Choice Gold Medal Award shows you how to create your own indoor garden – even if space is tight and you have no prior experience of plants at all

User-friendly and highly accessible, this is a practical, fully illustrated and inspiring guide to indoor gardening by self-taught plant enthusiast Jade Murray. Here you will find invaluable tips and advice for choosing, caring for and propagating houseplants. Having limited space is no barrier to indoor gardening. Many of these plants are perfect for small homes and space-saving ideas abound – eg vertical arrangements – whether hanging in a basket, bunched on a shelf, on a window sill or grouped on a ladder.

Chapters include:

  • the easiest houseplants to grow for complete beginners (including Chinese Money Plants and Dragon Trees)
  • the best ‘diva’ plants for creating drama and conversation pieces (including String of Dolphins and Elephant Ear)
  • air-purifying plants (from ferns and lilies to the Fiddle Leaf Fig)
  • humidity-loving plants (including the Lipstick Plant and Asparagus Ferns)
  • heat-resistant indoor plants (cacti and succulents)
  • plants to help with pests (including Venus Fly Trap and Trumpet Pitcher)

 Throughout the book you will find:

  • advice on where to best position plants in the home
  • ideas for how to display them to best advantage, including vertical arrangements
  • tips on soil mix, watering, feeding and trouble-shooting
  • step-by-step photographs for plant propagation
  • an at-a-glance summary of Jade’s ‘golden rules’ for success

Jade firmly believes that plants can be restorative and therapeutic – a positive asset in any home or office.  Her advice and enthusiasm shine on every page of this book – as do her glorious photographs.

Having studied Art & Design and Photography at William Morris Academy, Jade Murray began nurturing her creative flair by starting her own indoor garden. In 2021 she entered the RHS ‘My Chelsea Garden’ virtual competition (in partnership with BBC’s The One Show) and wowed the judges, who were so impressed by her achievements they awarded her the Judges’ Gold Medal. Jade lives in west London with her three children – who find plants as rewarding as she does.

"This well-illustrated and approachable guide is packed with good information on the best houseplants for beginners."

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Oct 6, 2022
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