The Apprehensive Gardener

The Apprehensive Gardener

Managing Garden Plants

Griselda Kerr has drawn on over 20 years of gardening knowledge and experience to create the book that she wishes she had had access to when, as a complete beginner, she started to revive the “dismal looking” plants in her garden - an indispensable, practical guide to how and when to look after more than 700 garden plants.

No coffee table book this, it is designed for constant quick reference, to be used, perhaps as a stand-in for a knowledgeable friend, for advice on specific plants. Look up each plant in a specially formatted index spread across the year and a page reference will take you to a short, clearly written entry on what to do in a particular month - whether to clip, deadhead or divide, cut right down, feed, mulch or leave well alone. Each of these gardening techniques is also explained in a comprehensive glossary

The Apprehensive Gardener is an attractive, durable, easy-to-use guide to plant care which will be referred to over and over again and will stand the test of time.  

Griselda Kerr, who trained in horticulture and garden design at the English Gardening School, Broomfield College and Brooksby College, is a gardener, lecturer and columnist who describes herself as ‘always thinking about plants’. Her vibrant garden in Derbyshire is regularly open to the public and frequently features on Instagram. Follow Griselda Kerr on Instagram @griselda.kerr.


"A quick reference guide to dealing with a variety of plants and problems in an easy to follow format, designed to reassure beginners and more experienced gardeners alike...Handy...helpful...extremely good value."

The Reckless Gardener

"An excellent guide to the practicalities of gardening."

House and Garden

"Griselda Kerr's impressive and useful tome on how to manage the plants one finds in the garden is a boon to the amateur....stuffed with sage advice...arm yourself with this guide and a pair of secateurs."

The Field

"Accessible and very much designed to be used with a muddy ideal work for those who may have recently inherited an established garden, or who might wish to extend their garden practice."

The English Garden

"Griselda Kerr describes The Apprehensive Gardener as a crook to lean on - a guide to how to make the plants in your garden happy. Maintenance becomes a creative force in Griselda's hands and her tips are interesting and well presented."

Country Living
The Pimpernel Press Ltd
The Pimpernel Press Ltd
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245 x 187
Publication Date
9 May 2019
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