Congratulations to Ambra Edwards, author of Head Gardeners, on winning Inspirational Book of the Year at the Garden Media Guild Awards 2017

The judges said:
"This book offered a refreshing antidote to the glamorous world of garden designers and owners, or gardener biographies/autobiographies. Its focus, one which is long overdue, is the people who make gardens happen. Ambra’s writing is elegant, incisive and inspiring. The introduction is a passionate but reasoned exposé of the shortcomings that blight the prospects for a career in horticulture and sets the scene for chapters on a diverse selection of 13 head gardeners. The humorous and fascinating text offers a rare insight into what it takes to dedicate one’s life to gardening and operate at the top end of horticulture – which many visitors and some employers can all too easily overlook. It is beautifully illustrated by Charlie Hopkinson’s excellent photographs – including a set of memorable portraits of the head gardeners – which draw you into the daily working lives of those featured in an almost visceral way; the quality of the design and production match the photography. Of all the books judged, this one should have the greatest impact, in reversing an often negative and stereotypical image of gardening as a career, by offering an alternative view - trumpeting one of this country’s greatest creative industries and throwing open the door to a career and lifestyle choice like no other. One judge declared an interest in this approach, as Ambra interviewed him for her background research, but her analyses of each of these characters is a real inspiration to those considering a career in this field."

We couldn't agree more!

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