"There’s a fizz in the air at Pimpernel that is catching . . . A phrase used by Rebecca West, 'life’s golden overflow', could, I feel, be applied to the mission of this small press  celebrating those great civilizing elements – gardens, craft, food, art, architecture, wit and humour  – which help to make life worth living."  

- Hazel Wood, Slightly Foxed  No. 67 Autumn 2020 

Our publisher Jo Christian is interviewed in the latest edition of Slightly Foxed magazine (, out now. 


 "Forbes...has produced a book which constitutes the ideal introduction and companion to a garden that is emerging as highly significant in an international context. It is copiously filled with Forbes’s own evocative photographs, while the text is a deeply argued, scholarly tour de force, replete with references to philosophy, painting, poetry and psychology. As such it stands as an admirable riposte and corrective to all those from other disciplines who still insist on condescending to garden-making as little more than a hobby or pastime." - Tim Richardson, Sunday Telegraph, on Alasdair Forbes' On Psyche's Lawn: The Gardens at Plaz Metaxu

"An extraordinary book about an extraordinary place...Very lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced in a large quarto format. The whole design and production mirror the devoted care and thought that has gone into creating these remarkable gardens themselves." - Classics for All on On Psyche's Lawn

“Well researched and back up by facts and figures, West writes with forceful honesty . . . He is self-reflective and refuses to spare himself from his own criticisms. The narrative may be personal, but it resonates, faced as we are with challenges to create a healthy future for ourselves and the non-humans we share the planet with.” - Darryl Moore, Garden Design Journal on The Garden of Vegan by Cleve West

"Practical, inspiring advice...direction on planting techniques, container selection and plant management as well as more aesthetic concerns such as colour selection and composition. At the heart of the book are seasonal planting suggestions, and in this it really excels." - The English Garden on Pots for All Seasons by Tom Harris

"For anyone who caught grow-your-own fever during lockdown and are lamenting their lack of ground and space (or even if they aren’t), then Tom Harris’s brilliant book is definitely for you.” - Country Smallholding on Pots for all Seasons

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